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Contact Information

Russell Savedge

Chief Animal Control Officer

Peter Keophila

Animal Control Officer

Jennifer Albert

Shelter Attendant


P. O. Box 65
Surry, Virginia 23883
Phone: (757) 294-0158 or
           (757) 294-5271 to leave a message
Fax:     (757) 294-5204
Animal Control

Surry County Animal Control is responsible for the public safety and health of the County as it pertains to the control of unsupervised domestic animals.  Animal Control is also responsible for enforcing county and state animal control laws.  The officer directly assists citizens with domestic animals and livestock issues while promoting the humane care and treatment of all animals.  The County operates a shelter, which cares for and secures impounded stray animals.  Animals involved with possible exposure to rabies are handled through the health department.

The Animal Pound is located at 265 Old Burrough Road

Hours of Operation:  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Monday - Friday



Surry County Animal Control will no longer set cat traps for feral cat infestation.  The Virginia Animal Comprehensive Laws consider cats to be free roaming animals and there is no State or County Ordinance that pertains to the maintenance of cats.

Effective immediately, County residents experiencing feral cat overpopulation, or other issues with cats, may come to the Surry County Animal Shelter located at 265 Old Burrough Road, Surry, Virginia to sign out a trap. The individual signing out the trap will be responsible for trapping the cat and bringing the cat and trap back to the Pound.  Exceptions will only be made in the case of residents who are elderly or disabled.  For any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Chief Animal Control Officer at 757-294-0158.