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Current opportunities for employment are listed below.  Please download one of the application forms below and submit your application to the appropriate department for the position listed that you are applying for. 

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Employment Application Form:



Surry County is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


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Surry County Job Opportunity

Full-Time Animal Control Officer


Surry County is seeking a full-time Animal Control Officer to work in the County’s Animal Shelter.  Work will be performed under the supervision of the Chief Animal Control Officer and will include the following typical tasks:

Patrols the county for stray, unlicensed or injured animals and enforces State and County laws, responds to and investigates animal related complaints, apprehends abandoned, stray, unvaccinated and unlicensed animals, checks animal license, transports stray animals for impoundment, transports animals to the vet and administrator medications, etc.  The preferred candidate will provide information to the public, maintain records and files, prepare reports and related work as apparent or assigned.

The preferred candidate must have a high school diploma or GED and minimal experience in the operation of an animal shelter, or equivalent combination of education and experience.  Must hold a valid appropriate Virginia driver’s license.

Interested persons are encouraged to submit a completed county job application form not later than 5:00 p.m. March 25, 2016 to:


Mr. Tyrone W. Franklin
P.   O. Box 65
Surry, Virginia  23883







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Part-Time Emergency Communications Dispatcher




Surry County is seeking a part-time dispatcher to work in the E-911 Communications Center of the Sheriff’s Office.  The preferred candidate must be able to; multi-task between radio and phone communications, communicate information clearly to deputies, fire, rescue and animal control as necessary for emergency and non-emergency calls for service. This position also requires; typing ability, knowledge of the county geographically and/or the ability to read maps, data entry, compliance with policies and procedures and the ability to handle stressful situations while communicating with the public and first responders.


Note: Requires availability to include days, evenings, midnights, rotating shifts, weekends, holidays and extended shifts. Dispatchers are essential personnel and are placed on standby for all major events to include weather related emergencies and special events.


The preferred candidate must already be certified as a Basic Dispatcher, VCIN (Virginia Criminal Information Network) Operator and possess a high school diploma or GED. The preferred candidate must also possess a valid driver’s license; have reliable transportation and no criminal record. The position will remain open until filled. Interested persons are encouraged to download an application (above) and return the completed county job application form to:




                                                Sheriff Carlos Turner
                                                P. O. Box 233
                                                Surry, Virginia  23883




If you have any questions, please contact Sheriff Carlos Turner or Tamara B. Arthur, Emergency Services Coordinator at (757) 294-5264.