Posted on: February 21, 2018

SCS Broadband County's First Internet Service Provider

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On November 1, 2017, Surry County announced that it had executed contracts for SCS Broadband to become the County's first wireless internet service provider. In an update provided to the Surry County Board of Supervisors on February 1, 2018, Mr. Clay Stewart, President of SCS Broadband, reported that SCS had installed LTE equipment on the communications tower located in the Surry West Industrial Park. Mr. Stewart also announced his partnership with 380 Communications, a local ISP (internet service provider) in Surry County, and that this partnership would enable current subscribers with 380 Communications to easily convert to SCS customers and would establish a local presence in the County.

Furthermore, Mr. Stewart stated that SCS was actively negotiating with additional private tower entities to secure lease agreements to fill service area voids. Mr. Stewart encouraged citizens to log onto the SCS website and check service availability in their area. By doing so, SCS staff will be able to determine where the highest demand for service is, and can expand their network in those areas. Signing up will also ensure that citizens will receive, by e-mail, monthly updates directly from SCS.  As of the February 1, 2018 report, the company had two local subscribers. Mr. Stewart informed that marketing for additional subscribers would begin soon, and that SCS would continue to test and analyze their network to determine areas of coverage within Surry County and to ensure that subscribers will receive adequate bandwidth.


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