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Q.  How do I sign up to be notified in the event of an emergency?

A.   Call (757) 294-5292 and request a card to sign up for Instant Alert.

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Q.  Where can I go if I need to leave my home in the event of an emergency?

A.   The Evacuation Assembly Center (EAC) is located at L. P. Jackson Middle School - 4255 New Design Road, Dendron, VA  23839.  Citizens will be notified when the Center is open.

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Q.  What should I bring to a Shelter?

A.   You should bring the following items to last a minimum of three days:

Prescription medicines, clothing, personal hygiene items, toiletries, nonperishable food/snack items and special items for - infants, the elderly and disabled family members.

You should also bring blankets, pillows, sleeping bag, important documents, proper photo identification, portable radio, flashlight and batteries.

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Q.   Who do I contact if I have special needs and will require assistance during an emergency?

A.    Contact the Department of Social Services – (757) 294-5240 and request to be added to their special needs directory.

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