Children Services Act (CSA)

The Children's Services Act (CSA), formerly known as the Comprehensive Services Act, is a law enacted in 1993 that establishes a single state pool of funds to purchase services for at-risk youth and their families. The state funds, combined with local community funds, are managed by local interagency teams who plan and oversee services to youth.

The mission of the CSA is to create a collaborative system of services and funding that is child-centered, family-focused and community-based when addressing the strengths and needs of troubled and at-risk youth and their families in the Commonwealth.

Locally, the Surry County CSA program is coordinated by the Surry County Department of Youth and Family Resources. The program is administered and funded under the state's Office of Children's Services (OCS).

The Surry County CSA program, comprised of the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) and Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT), strive to increase opportunities for positive youth development and promote safe, stable family units.

Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT)

The Surry County Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) meets monthly to conduct business related to the CSA. The CPMT is responsible for accomplishing the following:

  • establishes policies and procedures that govern the provision of services to children and families in Surry County and access to CSA funds; 
  • develops and appoints members to subcommittees, including the FAPT, in order to accomplish CSA requirements;
  • collects and reports data to the Office of Children's Services, State Executive Council, and Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services regarding youth and families served through CSA;
  • manages and administers CSA funds for Surry County;
  • coordinates planning that ensures the development and procurement of resources and services needed by children and families in Surry County;
  • establishes quality assurance and accountability procedures for program utilization and funds management.

Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT)

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) meets monthly and is responsible for developing service plans for eligible youth and families; it reviews cases funded by the CSA to determine progress, prepare transition plans, and adjust services as needed. The FAPT studies and discusses information from case managers, parents and/or guardians, psychological reports, school records, and other pertinent data sources. Family members of involved youth are encouraged to attend and participate in FAPT meetings.

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